54 lessons • 10h 47m

Topic 1- AP and Indian Economy an Introduction-Course Structure (in Telugu)

11m 30s

Topic 2- Detailed Analysis on Syllabus of Group2 Economy (in Telugu)

10m 50s

Topic 3- What Is Planning in India Means in the Syllabus Through the Word Economics (in Telugu)

11m 31s

Topic 4- What is AP Economy,Economic System ,AP Growth and Development (in Telugu)

12m 10s

Topic 5- What is AP Economic Development -Syllabus Explanation(in Telugu)

11m 13s

Topic 6- Indian Economy Present Status Group2-Section 3-Paper 3-Chapter 1 (in Telugu)

13m 31s

Topic 7- What Is Socio-Economic - Human & Sustainable Development Part 1(in Telugu)

11m 56s

Topic 7-Part2-Measurement of Economic Growth, PCI AP & India (in Telugu)

13m 33s

Topic 8- Measurement of Economic,Social ,Human & Sustainable Development (in Telugu)

13m 24s

Topic 9-Part 1- LPG Reforms -1991-(in Telugu)

13m 48s

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