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(Tamil) Poverty and Unemployment


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Kubendran S M

Poverty and unemployment are inseparable twins because unemployment leads to lack of a regular income, which in turn leads to the inability for a person to be able to maintain the basic needs, such as eating healthy foods, buying into health care and providing adequate shelter and lack of education.



4 reviews


reviewed on Nov 29, 2018

Good to get more information, which is very helpful to us. Thank you so much

Daniel Raventh

reviewed on Sep 9, 2018

Superb... and need more videos all topics in Tamil. I hope wait and watch one by one videos in ur videos

Sathish Sathish

reviewed on Jun 22, 2018

Thanq sir 🙏 . intha video romba en preparationku usefulla iruku . I voted to 5 stars 🙏

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