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Sahil Chhapola

course of algebra who will discuss basic algebraic identities and their derived identities. initially we will discuss theory and then we will discuss original SSC previous year question asked from this topic. I am using a totally different technique to teach you this topic after the end of all course you will be confident about Algebra and even you can do algebraic equation without using any pen. if you like the video don't forget to review at follow me on unacademy.


42 lessons • 6 h 16 m
Algebra Part-1: Introduction to Algebra

5m 23s

Algebra Part-2: Some Basic Algebra Identities

9m 18s

(English) Algebra Part-3: Some Basic Algebra Identities Continue

7m 45s

(English) Algebra Part-4: Advance Level Questions On Square Algebra Identities

11m 33s

(English) Algebra Part-5: Cubic Equation Tricky Approch

10m 35s

(English) Algebra Part-6: Some more important Questions On Square Of Number

8m 04s

(English) Algebra Part-7: Some more important Questions On Square Of Number Continue

7m 21s

(English) Algebra Part-8: Original SSC previous Year Questions

8m 32s

(English) Algebra Part-9: Square Of a number Containing 3 terms

7m 42s

(English) Algebra Part-10: Original SSC previous Year Questions

15m 00s

(English) Algebra Part-11 Questions related to cube

8m 19s

(English) Algebra Part-12 Question Related to cube continue

11m 04s

Algebra Part-13 Question related to cube continue

13m 48s

Algebra Part-14 Quadratic Equation Basic For SSC

7m 33s

Algebra Part-15 Quadratic Equation For SSC (SUM & PRODUCT OF ROOTS)

9m 35s

Algebra Part-16 Quadratic Equation Completing Square For SSC

9m 13s

Algebra Part-17 Quadratic Equation PRACTICE Problems For SSC

8m 12s

Algebra Part-18 with Quadratic Equation Original SSC questions

9m 49s

Algebra Part-19 Square Root Of Surd

9m 09s

Algebra Part-20 Original SSC QUESTION Solved On Square Root Of Surds

8m 25s

Algebra Part-21 Practise Problem Set-1 asked in SSC

9m 09s

Algebra Part-22 Practise Problem Set-2 asked in SSC

8m 35s

Algebra Part-23 Practise Problem Set-3 asked in SSC

7m 22s

Algebra Part-24 Practise Problem Set-4 asked in SSC

8m 22s

Algebra Part-25 Practise Problem Set-5 asked in SSC

7m 06s

Algebra Part-26 Practise Problem Set-6 asked in SSC

9m 24s

Algebra Part-26 Practise Problem Set-6 asked in SSC

9m 24s

Algebra Part-27 Practise Problem Set-7 asked in SSC

9m 05s

Algebra Part-26 Practise Problem Set-6 asked in SSC

9m 24s

Algebra Part-28 Practise Problem Set-8 asked in SSC

8m 24s

Algebra Part-29 Practise Problem Set-9 asked in SSC

9m 16s

Algebra Part-30 Practise Problem Set-10 asked in SSC

7m 33s

Algebra Part-31 Practise Problem Set-11 asked in SSC

6m 36s

Algebra Part-32 Practise Problem Set-12 asked in SSC

8m 39s

Algebra Part-33 Practise Problem Set-13 asked in SSC

8m 03s

SSC Algebra Part-34 A+ Grade Questions (in English)

10m 41s

SSC Algebra Part-35 A+ Grade Questions (in English)

11m 35s

SSC ALGEBRA Part-36: lesson's Questions

10m 24s

SSC ALGEBRA Part-37: lesson's Questions

10m 13s

SSC ALGEBRA Part-38: lesson's Questions

9m 33s

SSC ALGEBRA Part-39: Question Based on Square Root of Surd asked in SSC

11m 24s

Lesson-42: Brief Introduction To Sahil sir lessons

5m 03s



17 reviews


reviewed on Dec 7, 2019

your course is really helpful and asking to solve at the end of session gives good practice.. and also sir please upload video for si/ci,profit/loss,time/work,speed/distance in english

vanishree Seegehalli

reviewed on Dec 23, 2019

excellent sir i have learnt so many things from you. you are my best educator

Aswin M

reviewed on Nov 19, 2019

Sahil sir you are really great... You explained the concepts along with previous year questions steadily in a sequential manner... I really enjoyed your sessions sir.. Thank you so much..

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