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Fundamentals Of Sets, Relations And Functions And Understanding Graphs Of Different Functions


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Surabhi Paharia

This collection has an overview of the fundamentals, relations and functions of the set along with understanding graphs of different functions. It begins by introducing the basics of Sets, Relations and Functions. It then sheds light on the types of Relations and Functions, followed with an introduction of graphs and differentiating between a relation and a function. The next part of the collection comprises of on these aspects: Eight different types of graphs, graphical representation and brief on their domain and range. The final section in this collection focuses on short tips on making graphs quickly. It will help in understanding how to draw graphs of a straight line and of quadratic equations. This collection will be beneficial for the students preparing for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CBSE, COMED, BITS, other Engineering entrance exams, various School & Board Exams and also for 9th and 10th Class students who are intrigued by Science and preparing for competitive exams such as NTSE, Olympiads.



3 reviews

Goutam dadhich

reviewed on Jul 29, 2018

hy I like you so much and you pitch is so beautiful omg!! pls introduce yourself so that I think about your video lecture....

Arindam Kashyap Ray

reviewed on Jan 1, 2017

Nicely explained. Kudos to the educator. Would love to enroll in more courses of this kind.

Hitender Rao

reviewed on Sep 28, 2016

It was by far one of the best videos I have seen on sets as everywhere the vids are not started from pure basics. But its good as it doesn't requires any prerequisite knowledge. Thanks a lot.