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Ayussh Sanghi

The consistent requests to resume SMD has motivated me to work harder and provide with a one stop shop for exam oriented CA’s. This is a one stop shop purely focused upon the current developments for aspirants preparing for various government examinations, specially CSE. My commitments towards the courses on Unacademy and Offline classes didn’t allow me much time but from now on I’ll try and be regular with the same I will be covering the following aspects in proper detail: 1. Most important new articles from various sources will be covered in detail. 2. MCQ’s will be framed which will give you an insight into doing the same piece of CA from examination point of view. 3. A new segment “Mains Perspective” was included for the benefit of aspirants for Mains GS Papers. It will be highly useful for mains related understanding and answer writing practice. 4. The quality of CA and MCQ’s will be top notch and extremely exam centric which will benefit you immensely, specially 2019 aspirants. Keep enjoying the course folks. :)

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