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Religious Movements and Hindu School of Philosophy


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Krishan Jha

This course explains the various religious movements and Hindu school of philosophy. here, in this course we will be along on a religious journey and where we will pass through many phases of Indian ancient, mediavel and modern period. We will get to know about the religions, philosophies, literatures, customs, beliefs, method of worship, culture and social life of people which was in practice during Vedic age or period. When we reach at mediavel period we come across with some new ideas, faith in bhakti of Shiva, Vishnu, Durga etc. later on Islam, Sikhism,Christainity etc religions established in India. At the end or in the last section of this course during inception of modern period when Britishers come to India, Indian society was cast ridden, superstitious beliefs were on peak and many unethical practices such as widow burning, child marriage, viel system were prevalent; consequently we witness widespread various reforms in religions in, innovative ideas, spread of education and impact of these movements in indian society.

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