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Redox Reactions: Oxidation& Reduction for IIT-JEE


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Megha Khandelwal

To master in Physical Chemistry, all you have to approach it conceptually. Here, the educator Megha will focus on the concepts involved in Redox Reactions beginning with the calculation of Oxidation Number. Then solving questions on Redox Reactions will be a cakewalk for you. This is one of the first few topics taught in Physical Chemistry, which helps in understanding the other topics, Therefore, every aspirant must watch this course. #JEE #NEET #BITSAT #AIIMS



21 reviews

Satyansha Dev

reviewed on Jul 14, 2019

Helpful in building concepts of physical chemistry for students like me who are not much interested in chemistry, hence this lecture severed me knowledge that encourages me to study more about the topic...


reviewed on Jun 14, 2019

Thank you so much maam for creating these coarses your lessons are really helpfull 🙏👌👌👌

ujjwal Pratap singh

reviewed on Apr 12, 2019

awesome explanation by you mam I loved it whatever you taught me in this

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