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Ratio and Proportion - CAT


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Bharat Gupta

Ratio and Proportion is very important concept to learn as its use is not limited to just this chapter but to all chapter in Arithmetic to Modern Maths. Also this topic is important in terms of daily life. Ratio and proportion holds a very important space in CAT 2018 syllabus. So in this course we will deal with very basic of Ratio and Proportion to advance level questions.



117 reviews

Anish gupta

reviewed on Jun 22, 2018

best teaching i hv ever got .....without any wastage of time .....we can get everything with best strategy

Ankileshwar Shukla

reviewed on Jun 6, 2018

sir's trick and his way of teaching was awsm... he has covered all the topic and presented it so nicely that everything was easy to be understood....

Vivek Maheshwari

reviewed on Jun 10, 2018

He masters in breaking down the difficult concepts into gullible terms so that a naive student can also understand the topic thoroughly.

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