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71 lessons • 8h 15m

Introduction, Characteristics and Advantages of Python Programming

9m 07s

How to Install Python

5m 05s

Write Your First Easy Code in Python

4m 50s

What is Variable in Python

13m 08s

Introduction to Data - Types in Python ("Number" Data Type)

5m 44s

"String" Data Type in Python

14m 04s

"String" Data Type in Python Part-2

6m 52s

"List" Data Type in Python

12m 37s

"Tuple" Data-Type in Python

9m 56s

"Set" Data Type in Python

6m 20s

"Dictionary" Data Type in Python

6m 33s

Use of Underscore_ in Python

2m 45s

Python Tokens "Keywords"

5m 26s

Python Tokens "Identifier"

7m 04s

Python Tokens "Literals"

5m 19s

Python Tokens "Operators" Part 1

13m 32s

Python Tokens "Operators(Bitwise Operator)" Part 2

12m 22s

Python Tokens "Operators(Identity and membership)" Part 3

5m 29s

Difference Between * and ** in Python【 Not in function】

4m 41s

Difference Between / and // in Python

5m 00s

Python Quiz 1

3m 19s

What is Indentation in Python with Examples.

5m 11s

Python Decision Making[ if Condition]

11m 13s

Python Decision Making[ if-else Condition]

8m 15s

Python Decision Making[ elif Condition]

8m 17s

Python Decision Making[ Nested-if Condition]

4m 51s

Introduction to PyCharm📝

12m 42s

How to take "Value from User in Python"

11m 56s

How to use Comment '#' in Python

8m 52s

If Condition Example 1

5m 04s

If Condition Example 2

4m 22s

If Condition Example 3

5m 01s

Loop in Python 🐍

3m 46s

While loop in Python🐍

14m 54s

How to Print Table of any Number Using While loop in Python

7m 03s

While loop with if Condition in Python (W.A.P to Print Odd/Even up to n number)

8m 18s

Nested While loop in Python

7m 15s

For loop in Python 🐍

8m 30s

In and not In Operator in Python

2m 53s

Using range() in for loop

7m 35s

For-else / While-else in Python

8m 59s

Break Statement in Python 🐍

8m 34s

Continue Statement in Python 🐍

5m 45s

Pass Statement in Python 🐍

2m 51s

Difference Between "Pass" Statement and "Continue" Statement in Python 🐍

6m 02s

Use of "import" Keyword in Python

3m 47s

Sqrt() Function in Python

3m 16s

Difference Between ceil() Function and floor() Function in Python

4m 20s

Pow() Function in Python

5m 11s

Use of "as" Keyword in Python

5m 02s

Use of "from" Keyword in Python

5m 24s

"Function" in Python, Introduction and Types of Function.

11m 02s

Python Function:"Passing Arguments".

5m 46s

Python Function :"Return Type"

5m 12s

Python Function:"Mutable v/s Immutable Argument"

5m 52s

Python Function:"Formal Argument and Actual Argument"

1m 57s

Python Function:"Actual Argument and its Types"

8m 43s

*args and **kwargs in Python

6m 18s

Global Variable and Local Variable in Python

10m 08s

Recursion in Python

3m 59s

Python Program to Find Factorial of Number Using "Recursion"

6m 11s

Lambda/Anonymous functions in Python

4m 40s

Using Lambda with Filter() Method in Python

5m 16s

Using Lambda with Map() Method in Python

6m 42s

Python List "slicing"

8m 16s

"Modules" in Python

8m 05s

__name__==“__main__” (Special variable) in Python

8m 50s

Introduction to an "Object" in Python

7m 10s

Python as an "Object Oriented Programming Language"

1m 48s

Introduction to a "Class" in Python

5m 13s

Working with "Class and Objects" in Python 🐍

9m 45s

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