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Practical Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE


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Ankita Chowdhury

Confused about what happens in the chemistry lab? Then this course is just for you! The objective of this course is to firstly make labwork easy and secondly prepare you on this topic from entrance point of view. Just know that chemistry lab work will get a lot more easier for you once you go through this course!



2 reviews

Smitha kini

reviewed on Mar 16, 2019

you are the best mentor for organic chemistry....thankyou soo much!!!!your explaination as well as notes were really the best

Aarti Rathi

reviewed on Dec 22, 2018

such a grt teacher you r.....mam now there is hardly any ques.... which i m not able to organic daily i use to revise your notes..... which i made tysoom mam......for this improvement in me.....