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Political Science and International Relations Optional


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Navneet Kaur

This course will be helpful for UPSC Aspirants who choose PSIR as optional as well as in prelims and General Studies papers..


59 lessons • 8 h 52 m

3m 08s

Syllabus and Sources of Paper 1: Part 1

5m 46s

Syllabus and Sources of Paper 1: Part 2

6m 05s

Syllabus and Sources of Paper 2: Part 1

6m 09s

Syllabus and Sources of Paper 2: Part 2

4m 14s

Lesson 1: Political theory

6m 04s

Lesson 2: Approaches of political theory (part1)

8m 45s

Lesson 3: Approaches of political theory part 2

6m 26s

Lesson 4: Approaches of political theory part 3

11m 46s

Lesson 5: Approaches of political theory part 4

10m 52s

Lesson 6: Approaches of political theory part 5

8m 01s

Lesson 7: Theories of state part 1

10m 09s

Lesson 8: Theories of state part 2

7m 12s

Lesson 9: Theories of state part 3

9m 12s

Lesson 10: Theories of state part 4

8m 54s

Lesson 11: Theories of state part 5

11m 49s

Lesson 12: Theories of state part 6

11m 07s

Lesson 13: Theories of state part 7

9m 45s

Lesson 14: Theories of state part 8

11m 12s

Lesson 15: Justice part 1

12m 52s

Lesson 16: Justice part 2

10m 52s

Lesson 17: Justice part 3

11m 25s

Lesson 18: EQUALITY part 1

9m 35s

Lesson 19: EQUALITY part 2

10m 26s

Lesson 20: EQUALITY part 3

7m 18s

Lesson 21: Rights part 1

11m 24s

Lesson 22: Rights part 2

9m 09s

Lesson 23: Rights part 3

6m 52s

Lesson 24: Democracy part 1

12m 45s

Lesson 25: Democracy part 2

14m 22s

Lesson 26: Democracy part 3

6m 51s

Lesson 27: Concept of power part 1

8m 14s

Lesson 28: Concept of power part 2

6m 55s

Lesson 29: Concept of power part 3

9m 48s

Lesson 30: Concept of power part 4

12m 16s

Lesson 31: Concept of power part 5

4m 47s

Lesson 32: Concept of Power part 6

7m 00s

Lesson 33: Political Ideologies part 1

8m 10s

Lesson 34: Political Ideologies part 2

6m 47s

Lesson 35: Political Ideologies part 3

6m 41s

Lesson 36:Political Ideologies part 4

6m 27s

Lesson 37: Political Ideologies part 5

8m 54s

Lesson 38:Political Ideologies part 6

7m 50s

Lesson 39: Indian Political Thought part 1

8m 53s

Lesson 40: Indian Political Thought part 2

9m 09s

Lesson 41: Indian Political Thought part 3

8m 19s

Lesson 42: Indian Political Thought part 4

9m 42s

Lesson 43: Indian Political Thought part 5

9m 14s

Lesson 44: Indian Political Thought part 6

6m 51s

Lesson 45: Indian Political Thought part 7

11m 48s

Lesson 46: Indian Political Thought part 8

6m 30s

Lesson 47: Indian Political Thought part 9

10m 22s

Lesson 48: Indian Political Thought part 10

9m 45s

Lesson 49:Indian Political Thought part 11

5m 34s

Lesson 50: Western political thought part 1

11m 12s

Lesson 51: Western political thought part 2

10m 10s

Lesson 52: Western political thought part 3

12m 14s

Lesson 53: Western political thought part 4

14m 23s

Lesson 54: Western political thought part 5

13m 21s



73 reviews

Arun Gaikwad

reviewed on Sep 22, 2017

i want course on 1) exact strategy and booklist for political optional for hindi medium aspirants pls give us within 3 or 4 days

yousuf raza

reviewed on Sep 3, 2017

fantastic mam but It will be more useful if you will make all this vedios in Hindi and provide PDF of all lessons really mam person like me who can't afford coachings it will surely​ help

Shaida Shaik

reviewed on Oct 11, 2017

Very well presented. Explained in detailed way. Many many Thanks for awesome course. Please continue.

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