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Physics - Class 7 Science NCERT (Detailed Explanation) for govt. exams (UPSC/SSC)


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Roman Saini

In this course, Roman has covered all the relevant points from the physics chapters of Class 7 Science NCERT. It will help you supplement your study of NCERT or replace it altogether. A lot of questions are directly asked from these NCERTs when it comes to various government exams. This course has both conceptual clarity as well as abundance of useful facts.



31 reviews

abhinav singh

reviewed on Jan 18, 2018

A great course to cover the science basics ..Thanks alot sir...................

Anmol sharma

reviewed on Jan 26, 2018

A great experience using unacedemy ,not only this vedio but every vedio,every content given at unacedemy is more than anything So guys thank you for your selfless service Have a nice day

Sandeep Yadav

reviewed on Dec 3, 2017

sir i wanna ask how to study on unacademy ? i should just watch the courses or make notes also ?? and if i make notes then it would b tym consuming so please sir, guide over this how can i utilise ur great efforts made to us most efficiently in lesser time.@romansaini

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