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In Depth Study Of Permutation & Combination


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Surabhi Paharia

Did arranging/selecting elements always scare you? This course on Permutation & Combination is designed in a way that will explain the concept of arranging elements or selecting them from a group in the most simplistic manner possible. The presenter has used innovative techniques to help the viewers grasp the topics taught quickly. The course begins with an overview lesson which sheds light on the importance of the topic from examination point of view and lists the objectives of the course & the target audience. It also provides an overview of all the topics that will be covered in the course. The introductory lesson provides the viewer with the basics of both these concepts. As the course progresses, the viewers are acquainted with a detailed explanation of the topics such as the permutation formula, the combination formula and their application. In each of these lessons the presenter solves a wide range of questions and provides a step-by-step explanation of obtaining the right solution.



37 reviews

Arth Vashistha

reviewed on Jul 3, 2017

The basic concept and the applications are very well explained. Also, the questions covered are almost all of it. Thanks for the great lectures. :D

Keshav Jha

reviewed on Apr 23, 2017

awesome Mam you have cleared all the doubts and queries. make more lesson on probability Ur any mathematical topic

Gaurish Dwivedi

reviewed on May 5, 2017

awesome mam your way is wonderful and easy to understand. may god bless you.i loved your course

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