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Hyperconjugation (G.O.C-6) - IIT-JEE, NEET


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Ankita Chowdhury

This course deals with each and every aspect of Hyperconjugation, ranging from basic theory to complex concepts and questions which are interlinked with other topics of organic chemistry as well. It's very important from clearing concepts as well as exam point of view and a must watch!



4 reviews

Anish Raj

reviewed on Jan 21, 2019

Thank Ü Ma'am. I have seen all the lectures of this Course. It helped me a lot.

Smitha kini

reviewed on Nov 19, 2018

amazing explaination for hyperconjugation.....i like the way u clears all doubts

Sahil Gupta

reviewed on Oct 14, 2018

Thankyou mam, really great and easy to grasp lectures, helped me to clear the basic concepts of hyperconjugation.., keep the good work up👍😃

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