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Online NCERT Summary: Class 10 - Science (for UPSC/IAS Preparation)


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Abhinav Gour

"Master the fundamentals, the rest will follow". To help every aspirant do that, Unacademy is presenting this course. Through this course, one will be learning fundamental science concepts from class X NCERT. All the concepts ranging from Chemistry, Biology, and Physics from class X NCERT science syllabus will be comprehensively briefed. The basic and major topics which will be covered in this course will be Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids, Bases and Salts, Metals and NonMetals, Carbon and Its Compounds, Periodic Classification on Elements, Life Processes, Control and Coordination, reproduction in organisms, Heredity and Evolution, Light Reflection and Refraction, The Human Eye and the Colorful World, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Sources of Energy, Our Environment and Management of Natural Resources. Hence this course is worth recommended to all the CSE aspirants. Tags: NCERT Summary Online, Online NCERT Summary for UPSC, UPSC Online, UPSC Exam, UPSC Examination, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC IAS Exam, IAS Questions, IAS Syllabus, IAS Preparation, IAS Exam Syllabus CSE Exam, CSE Syllabus.

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