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Online NCERT Summary: Class 9 - Science (for UPSC/IAS Preparation)


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Deepanshu Singh

This course covers the concepts of class 9th Science NCERT relevant for UPSC/PSC exams. Through this course, Deepanshu aims to cover the fundamentals of matter, fundamental unit of life-cells, tissues, diversity in living organisms, physics concepts of work, motion, gravity and sound. Then he also covers concepts related to health and diseases, natural resources and how to improve these foods and natural resources. Tags: NCERT Summary Online, Online NCERT Summary for UPSC, UPSC Online, UPSC Exam, UPSC Examination, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC IAS Exam, IAS Questions, IAS Syllabus, IAS Preparation, IAS Exam Syllabus CSE Exam, CSE Syllabus.



105 reviews

Roman Saini

reviewed on Nov 1, 2016

Great course Deepanshu. It will really help the students who wants to have a good hold over Science and Technology without much effort.

Ritu Raj

reviewed on Oct 31, 2016

Awesome coverage of the course.. I had completed Sci NCERT so just went superficially and i must say that each topic has been so so nicely covered. Don't even need to go for the NCERT book all over again..Every topic nicely covered. Thanks a lot

Sushil Kumar

reviewed on Nov 1, 2016

This course is really awesome and the way you teach is just super cool. The course is really helpful and easy to understand. Now with the help of these videos, anyone can learn Science even a non-science background students.Thank you.

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