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October, 2016: Daily General Awareness and Current Affairs MCQs for SSC-CGL Aspirants


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Anurag Garg

This course will cover 10-20 MCQs daily based on articles from major publications such as The Hindu, along with their solutions and detailed analysis. All these MCQs are very high quality, exactly like being asked by SSC-CGL, based on The Hindu articles. If you solve them, it is almost guaranteed that majority of the question paper will be directly/indirectly be covered in these 4000 questions. Anurag has not only solved the MCQs, but also provide extra information which will help in writing 200 words notes in the Mains examination. Tags: General Awareness for SSC CGL, SSC CGL, SSC CGL General, SSC CGL MCQ, General Awareness Important Topics, Important Topics for SSC CGL, SSC CGL Practice Tests, SSC CGL Practice Questions, SSC MCQ, SSC MCQs.

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