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NCERT Physics Through MCQs: Class 6 to10 for UPSC SSC


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Ravi Verma

In this course, Ravi Verma will cover NCERT Physics for classes 6 to 10, through MCQs. This course will be beneficial to revise the concepts quickly and brush them up.



2 reviews

Pradeep Rapeti

reviewed on Sep 26, 2018

just awesome course But thing is answer will be in next slide then it will be very useful. And detailed explanation of answer also you didn't include in this slide. anyways this course will be very helpfull for me. thank you so much sir

Amit Kishor Tantak

reviewed on Mar 15, 2018

awesome course...sir make more mcq on this syllabus..and please cover 11-12 ncert physics through mcq..& if it possible make mcq course on chem and bio also..very crispy mcq..thanks