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NCERT Class 9 Economics


98 ratings

13 reviews

Mohini Jain

Its the summary of class 9th ncert. Its been simplified for everyone to understand it easily.



13 reviews

Kavya Gauri

reviewed on Feb 19, 2019

Very nicely coverage of NCERT Class 9 in a very interesting and concise form.

Bhavya Mohan

reviewed on Dec 27, 2018

The course is an excellent summary of the NCERT. Economics is a difficult subject for me. Bu after going through this course I am getting the basic concepts without even knowingly. That is everything is explained through a story as it is given in the NCERT, the story of village Palampur. I wont be having any confusion in the difference between land, labour, capital, resource etc. Everything is crystal clear. Thank you maam. This is an excellent work.

Ankit Singh

reviewed on Dec 17, 2018

The flow of the lectures is very smooth, (not to fast, not to slow) to point, Very Easy to understand, the material is very concise.

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