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Everything you wanted to know about NDA-2018

8m 46s

Expected GK MCQs for NDA entrance exams - Headquarter of ISRO

8m 32s

Father of All India Services, Galvanization and much more

8m 08s

Fastest century in Test Cricket Match, Chairman of Human Rights commission and much more

8m 33s

BNP Paribas open Tournament, Study of soil and much more

8m 22s

Noble prize in litrature , Confucius Award & much more

8m 23s

INS Vikrant , President of South Asian Federation and much more

8m 25s

First animal to go to space and much more

8m 10s

First Female Muslim Prime Minister of Pakistan and Two times Noble Prize winner and much more

8m 52s

First female president of Nepal,First Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

8m 15s

Saurology , Cartography and much more

8m 28s

The First Solar International Airport in India , T First Prime Minister of Bangladesh and much more

9m 17s

The first woman Supreme Court judge and The cricketer getting Padma Bhushan 2018 & much more

8m 35s

Farthest star seen by NASA ,Death penulty to rape criminals and much more

8m 58s

First woman to fly a fighter aircraft,Oscar 2018 went to and much more

8m 56s

Mascot of 2018 Commonwealth Games , Swimmer who covered Ocean Seven

9m 16s

India's biggest bank fraud and world's heaviest rocket

8m 28s

National Girl child Day and World Hindi Day and much more

9m 04s

First Heritage city of India,First full time Woman Defence Minister of India

8m 24s

App developed by Indian Army , First industrial robot developed in India

8m 24s

First indian batsman to score 3 double century,First private Railway station and much more

8m 43s

What is ASCII and where is the head quarters of ISRO located

8m 24s

What is white shipping Agreement,What is Sachi and Shruti& much more

8m 42s

NASA and Salur Jung Meuseum and much more

9m 06s

Official language of Goa , Capital of Manipur and much more

8m 08s

Whn did Delhi become the capital of India ,Who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1911& much more

8m 25s

Most intelligent mammal on Earth ,Jaistambh is located where and much more

8m 07s

First synagogue in India ,Red Planet and much more

8m 35s

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