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68 lessons • 1h 16m

Lesson 1 Maratha Invasion, Hurda Conference (in Hindi)

10m 53s

Lesson 2 Result of Maratha Invasion and Treaty with British (in Hindi)

6m 55s

Lesson 3 Treaty of Subsidiary and Subordinate Alliance (in Hindi)

9m 36s

Lesson 4 Terms and Results of Treaties with British (in Hindi)

7m 10s

Lesson 5 Revolt of 1857 - Rajasthan (in Hindi)

12m 25s

Lesson 6 Revolt at Neemach, Arinpura and Aawua (in Hindi)

9m 17s

Lesson 7 Revolution at Kota and Tonk

8m 18s

Lesson 8 other Important facts 1857 Revolt in Rajasthan

12m 07s

Lesson 9 Political Awakening of Rajasthan

11m 39s

Lesson 10 Political Organization and Printing Press

11m 50s

Lesson 11 Different Newspaper during freedom struggle in Rajasthan

9m 10s

Tribal and Peasant Movements in Rajasthan

8m 29s

The Bhagat Movement

9m 55s

Ekki or Bhomat Bheel Movement

12m 02s

Meena Movement

11m 08s

Peasants movement in Rajasthan

8m 20s

Bijolia Peasants Movement

14m 46s

Bijolia Peasant Movement 2

8m 17s

Begun Peasants Movement

10m 40s

Shekhawati Peasants Movement

9m 57s

Barad/Bundi Peasants Movement

7m 59s

Peasants unrest - Alwar

6m 32s

Prajamandal Movement in Rajasthan

9m 38s

Objective and Importance of Prajamandal movements

7m 38s

Mewar Prajamandal

8m 26s

Marwar Prajamandal Movement

12m 36s

Marwar Prajamandal 2

11m 09s

Marwar Prajamandal 3

8m 37s

Bikaner Prajamandal 1

9m 53s

Bikaner Prajamandal 2

9m 04s

Jaisalmer Prajamandal movement

8m 22s

Jaipur Prajamandal Movement

9m 37s

Jaipur Prajamandal 2

7m 41s

Bundi and Kota Prajamandal

8m 04s

Dungarpur Prajamandal

7m 42s

Bharatpur Prajamandal

8m 18s

Dhaulpur Prajamandal

6m 38s

Alwar and Shahpura Prajamandal

8m 25s

Banswara and other Prajamandals

7m 48s

Different types of taxes 1

9m 15s

Different types of taxes 2

7m 32s

Different types of taxes 3

7m 09s

Different types of taxes 4

7m 55s

Different types of Taxes 5

7m 55s

Important terms used in Rural Rajasthan

6m 10s

Types of Lands

10m 35s

Different terms and Practices-1

9m 04s

Different terms and Practices 2

8m 47s

Different terms and Practices 3

7m 22s

Different terms and Practices 4

7m 46s

Social traditions and evil Practices in Rajasthan 1

9m 18s

Social tradition and evil practices 2

6m 23s

Saka ,kesariya & Johar

7m 35s

Social Evil and tradition banned in different states

8m 27s

Social reforms in Rajasthan 1

6m 38s

Other Important acts passed in different states

7m 39s

Reforms at social Level 1

8m 05s

Reforms at Social level 2

8m 37s

Freedom Fighters of Rajasthan 1

9m 41s

Freedom fighter of Rajasthan 2

11m 55s

Freedom fighter of Rajasthan 3

8m 39s

Freedom fighters of Rajasthan 4

5m 53s

Freedom fighters of Rajasthan 5

8m 45s

Women freedom Fighters of Rajasthan

9m 48s

Political Integration of Rajasthan 1

12m 55s

Political Integration of Rajasthan 2

12m 59s

Political Integration of Rajasthan 3

12m 07s

Last minute strategy

13m 01s

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