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20 lessons • 3h 59m


7m 02s

Revolt of 1857

12m 19s

Pre Congress Parties

7m 28s

Establishment of INC

11m 29s

INC and Partition of Bengal

13m 15s

1911 Delhi Darbar till Lucknow session

13m 32s

Rowlatt Act - Jallianwala bhag massacre GOI Act 1918

11m 25s

1920-1930, Non cooperation movement, swaraj party ,Simon commission

13m 50s

Nehru Report, Jinnah 14 point

13m 21s

Round Table conferences , Gandhi-Irwin pact

12m 15s

Socio Religious reform movements -

10m 17s

Socio Religious reform movements -3

13m 00s

1930Round Table Conferences# Gandhi Irwin pact#poona pact

11m 31s

2nd Round table conference # Poona pact #3 rd RTC

12m 09s

Haripura and tripuri session #august offer and individual satyagreh

13m 23s

1942 QuitIndia movement , INA trials , Cabinet mission.

14m 08s

Peasant movements important for CDS CaPf AC exams

11m 47s

Peasant movements -2

10m 18s

Governor General's -1

13m 13s

Governor Generals-2

13m 26s

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