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Mechanical Vibrations


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Gaurav Joshi

This course is designed for GATE/ESE and other competitive exams. Theory and previous years problems will be discussed here in this section. Topic is little complex, hence regular practice is needed for better grip.


60 lessons • 7 h 52 m
Vibrations Course Introduction (in Hindi)

8m 45s

Mechanical Vibration-Basics (in Hindi)

10m 00s

SHM-1 (in Hindi)

9m 31s

SHM-2 (in Hindi)

7m 44s

SHM-3 (in Hindi)

8m 32s


8m 27s


7m 58s


7m 04s

SHM-Questions 1

6m 40s

SHM-Questions 2

8m 38s


6m 14s

Vibration systems

9m 48s

Undamped Free or Natural Vibration

7m 25s

Natural Vibration (D’Alembert Principle)

7m 01s

Solution of Natural Vibration Equation

9m 14s

Vibration Questions-1

6m 09s

Vibration Questions-2

7m 21s

Vibration Questions-3

7m 20s

Vibration Questions-4

7m 17s

Natural Vibration-Energy Method

8m 05s

Vibration Questions-5 (Energy Method)

8m 19s

Natural Vibration-Torque Method

8m 09s

Vibration Questions-6 (Torque Method)

5m 47s

Vibration Questions-7 (Torque Method)

8m 17s

Vibration Questions-8 (Torque Method)

7m 33s

Torsional Vibration

6m 05s

Rayleigh’s Method

6m 48s

Vibration Questions-9 (Rayleigh Method)

6m 49s

Vibration Questions-10 (Rayleigh Method)

8m 06s

Pulley Problems-Basics

7m 18s

Pulley Problems-Advance

8m 11s

Logitudinal Vibrations of beam system

7m 31s

Transverse Vibration in Beams

8m 25s

Vibration Questions-11

10m 16s

Vibration Questions-12

6m 26s

Vibration Questions-13

7m 28s

Vibration Questions-14

8m 20s

Damped System

8m 54s

Damped System Solution

10m 26s

Damping Factor

8m 04s

Critical and Over Damping

9m 05s

Under Damped System

7m 49s

Logarithmic Decrement

7m 27s

Damped Vibration Questions-1

7m 29s

Damped Vibration Questions-2

6m 33s

Vibration due to Unbalanced Forces

7m 44s

Forced Vibration Equation

6m 09s

Solution of Forced Vibration Equation-1

8m 45s

Solution of Forced Vibration Equation-2

7m 42s

Magnification Factor

8m 05s

Forced Vibration Questions-1

6m 03s

Transmissibility & Vibration Isolation-1

7m 44s

Transmissibility & Vibration Isolation-2

6m 50s

Forced Vibration Questions-2

6m 53s

Forced Vibration Questions-3

7m 36s

Whirling of Shafts-1

8m 34s

Whirling of Shafts-2

10m 05s

Forced Vibration Questions-4

6m 55s

Forced Vibration Questions-5

8m 14s

Forced Vibration Questions-6

9m 53s



382 reviews

Ankit Verma

reviewed on Aug 7, 2018

u r our superstar... plz dont leave this platform.. as we know u have joined railways.. but plzz complete these courses thanks

kawade abhijeet

reviewed on Aug 7, 2018

Thanks a lot sir for creating this course. ..most awaited course. ..very useful. ..colour full slide make it more awesome. ..we are greatfull to you...Thank you ☺☺👌👌👌✌👌👌👌👍👍

Taufiq Abdul

reviewed on Aug 7, 2018

बहुत अच्छा कोर्स मैकेनिकल वाइब्रेशन पर और उससे भी अच्छा पढ़ाने का तरीका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद मिस्टर गौरव जोशी मुझे इस कोर्स का इंतज़ार था आपके रहते हुए थ्योरी ऑफ़ मशीन में कोई टेंशन नहीं हैं आगे आने वाले कोर्स फ्लाईव्हील,बैलेंसिंग,गवर्नर,कैम्स ,गायरोस्कोप का इंतज़ार रहेगा

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