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86 lessons • 15h 33m

Introduction (in Malayalam)

2m 44s

How To Prepare (in Malayalam)

11m 42s

First Day Topic(Malayalam)

10m 27s

First Day Exam & Second Day Topic(Malayalam)

13m 22s

2nd Day Exam& 3rd Day Topic(Malayalam)

9m 56s

3rd Day Exam & 4th Day Topic(Malayalam)

8m 08s

4th Day Exam & 5th Day Topic(Malayalam)

9m 55s

5th Day Exam & 6th Day Topic(Malayalam

13m 37s

6th Day Exam and 7th Day Topic(Malayalam)

10m 42s

7th Day Exam & 8th Day Topic(Malayalam)

9m 07s

8th Day Exam & 9th Day Topic(Malayalam)

12m 29s

10th Day Topic(Malayalam)

11m 17s

9th&10th Day Exam Questions (Malayalam)

8m 24s

Exam Answers &11th Day Topic(Malayalam)

12m 43s

11th Day Exam&12th Day Topic(Malayalam)

11m 02s

12th Day Exam & 13rd day Topic( Malayalam)

15m 00s

50 Mark Exam Questions (Malayalam)

8m 50s

Exam answers and 15th Day Topic(Malayalam)

8m 17s

15th Day Exam and 16 th Day Topic(Malayalam)

10m 55s

Relax Your Mind(Malayalam)

11m 10s

(1-50)100 Mark Exam Questions (Malayalam)

8m 08s

Exam Answers & 17th Day Topic(Malayalam)

9m 20s

(51- 100)Exam Questions (Malayalam)

10m 29s

51-100 Exam Answers(Malayalam)

8m 33s

17th Day Exam &18th Day Topic(Malayalam)

13m 47s

18th Day Exam & 19th Day Topic(Malayalam)

10m 34s

19th Day Exam& 20th Day Topic (Malayalam)

10m 18s

21st Day Exam &22nd Day Topic( MALAYALAM)

15m 00s

22nd Day Exam & 23rd Day Topic(Malayalam)

9m 06s

23rd Day Exam&24th Day Topic( Malayalam)

13m 02s

24th Day Exam &25th Day Topic(Malayalam)

13m 10s

25th & 26th Day Exam and 27th Day Topic(Malayalam)

11m 58s

27th Day Exam 28th Day Topic(Malayalam)

9m 59s

(1-50)100 mark Exam Questions ( Malayalam)

8m 10s

(51-100)100 mark Exam Questions ( Malayalam)

9m 27s

Answers of 100 mark exam ( Malayalam)

10m 55s

31st Day Topic(Malayalam)

12m 25s

31st Day Exam& 32nd Day Topic(MALAYALAM)

9m 57s

32nd Day Exam &33rd Day Topic( Malayalam)

13m 22s

33rd Day Exam & 34th Day Topic( Malayalam)

10m 45s

35th Day Topic( Malayalam)

9m 11s

35th Day Questions & 36th Day Topic( Malayalam)

12m 11s

36&37th Day Questions & 38th Day Topic

13m 45s

38&39 Day Exam Questions(Malayalam)

8m 08s

Exam Answers & 40th Day topic(Malayalam)

13m 22s

40th Day Questions &41st Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 45s

41st & 42nd Day Questions & 43rd DayTopic(Malayalam)

14m 58s

43rd Day Questions & 44th Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 39s

45th Day Topic( Malayalam)

9m 59s

45th Day Exam& 46th Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 53s

46th Day Exam &47th Day Topic(Malayalam)

14m 19s

47th Day Exam & 48th Day Topic( Malayalam)

14m 08s

48th Day Questions & 49th Day Topic(malayalam)

14m 00s

50th Day Topic( Malayalam)

10m 24s

Trial Exam( Malayalam)

9m 25s

1-50 Questions of 100 mark Exam(Malayalam)

10m 52s

51-100 Questions 51st Day Topic (Malayalam)

14m 00s

53rd Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 46s

53rd Day exam &54th day Topic( Malayalam)

12m 22s

How To Get 7 Days Free Trial ( Malayalam)

5m 01s

54th&55th Day Exam Questions(Malayalam)

8m 14s

Exam answers and 56th Day Topic( Malayalam)

9m 48s

56th Day Questions & 57th Day Topic( Malayalam)

13m 03s

57th Day Questions & 58th Day Topic(malayalam)

12m 01s

58th Day Questions & 59th Day Topic(Malayalam)

12m 17s

60th Day Topic( malayalam)

8m 37s

60th Day Questions &61st Day Topic( malayalam)

10m 35s

61st Day Exam & 62nd Day Topic ( Malayalam)

9m 44s

62nd & 63rd Day Exam & 64th Day Topic( Malayalam)

14m 52s

64th Day Questions & 65th Day Topic( Malayalam)

9m 36s

67thDay Questions &68th Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 07s

70th Day Topic( Malayalam)

9m 42s

70th Day Questions &71st Day Topic(malayalam)

9m 53s

71st Day Questions & 72nd Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 31s

72nd Day Questions & 73rd Day Topic(malayalam)

8m 57s

74th Day Questions &75th Day Topic

8m 44s

76th Day Questions (Malayalam)

15m 00s

76th Day Answers( Malayalam)

8m 23s

77th day Questions and 78th Day Topic( Malayalam)

10m 55s

80th Day Questions & 81st Day revision Topic( Malayalam)

9m 05s

82nd Day exm &83rd Day Topic( Malayalam)

10m 08s

85th Day Topic( Malayalam)

11m 41s

Last time preparation ( Malayalam)

9m 43s

86th Day Topic( Malayalam)

8m 16s

89th Day Topic( Malayalam)

9m 19s

90 th Day Topic( Malayalam)

10m 10s

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