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(Malayalam) Maths and Mental Ability: Solved Papers: Kerala PSC


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Mansoorali Kappungal

In this course, the educator discusses the maths and mental ability Questions and it's solutions from all levels of examination.


66 lessons • 4 h 36 m
Course Overview (in Malayalam)

4m 09s

Part1- 117/2017- Company LGS (in Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part1- 117/2017- Company LGS(In Malayalam)

9m 19s

Part1- 117/2017- Company LGS(In Malayalam)

14m 53s

Village field assistant phase 1 (in Malayalam)

15m 00s

Company LGS Phase 2 (in Malayalam)

15m 00s

LDC Aleppy 79/2017(In Malayalam)

13m 56s

1 to 11 - LDC PTM &PKD 84/2017(In Malayalam)

14m 57s

12-20- LDC PTM&PKD 84/2017(In Malayalam)

11m 30s

Part1 - University assistant 2016(Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 2 - University assistant 2016(Malayalam)

14m 51s

Part1-Secretariat assistant 2015 (Malayalam)

14m 10s

Part 2-Secretariat assistant 2015 (Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 1 Assistant Jailor 2016(Malayalam)

14m 31s

Part 2- Assistant Jailor 2016 (Malayalam)

12m 28s

Part 1- sub Inspector 2014 (Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 2- sub Inspector 2014 (Malayalam)

14m 27s

Part 3- sub Inspector 2014 (Malayalam)

8m 29s

Part 1-Sub Inspector 2015(Malayalam)

13m 44s

Sub Inspector 2015(Malayalam)

9m 57s

(15-20)Sub inspector 2015(Malayalam)

14m 54s

Part 1-Senior Superintendent 2019 (Malayalam)

13m 16s

Part 2- senior superintendent 2019 (Malayalam)

13m 03s

Part 3- senior superintendent 2019 (Malayalam)

14m 57s

Part1 -129/2015 municipal secretary for SC-ST(Malayalam)

14m 15s

Part 2 -129/2015 municipal secretary for SC-ST(Malayalam)

14m 56s

Part 3-129 /2015 municipal secretary for SC ST (Malayalam)

10m 37s

Part -1 University assistant 2019 ( Malayalam)

14m 27s

Part -2 University assistant 2019( Malayalam)

14m 43s

Part 1- VEO 2016 NCA(Malayalam)

14m 40s

Part 2 VEO 2016 NCA(Malayalam)

9m 59s

Part 3- VEO 2016 ( MALAYALAM)

10m 12s

Part 1 VEO 1st Phase 2014( Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 2- VEO 1st Phase 2014(Malayalam)

12m 43s

Part 3- VEO 1st Phase 2014(Malayalam)

9m 24s

Part 1 - VEO phase 2 2014( Malayalam)

11m 00s

Part 2- VEO phase 2- 2014(Malayalam)

11m 22s

Part 1- VEO 2015 NCA(Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 2- VEO 2015 NCA( Malayalam)

14m 45s

Part 1- VEO 2014 3rd Phase( Malayalam)

13m 59s

Part 2- VEO 2014 3rd Phase(Malayalam)

12m 45s

Part -3 VEO 2014 3rd Phase(Malayalam)

14m 38s

Part 1-Male Warder 2014( Malayalam)

13m 51s

Part 2- Male Warder 2014( Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 1-Wharf Supervisor 2016( Malayalam)

12m 17s

Part 2- Wharf supervisor 2016(Malayalam)

14m 59s

Part 3- Wharf supervisor 2016(Malayalam)

9m 36s

Part1-Forest Guard 2015(Malayalam)

9m 14s

Part 2- forest guard 2015 (Malayalam)

8m 11s

Part-1 Assistant Prison officer 2018(Malayalam)

14m 18s

Part-2 Assistant Prison officer 2018(Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part-1 Assistant Prison Officer 2017(Malayalam)

14m 42s

Part-2 Assistant Prison Officer 2017(Malayalam)

12m 08s

Part 3- Assistant Prison Officer 2017(Malayalam)

11m 36s

Part-4 Assistant Prison Officer 2017(Malayalam)

10m 56s

Part 5-assistant prison officer 2017 (Malayalam)

8m 18s

Part 1-Police constable 2015( Malayalam)

13m 47s

Part 2- police constable 2015 (Malayalam)

8m 20s

Part 1- Peon Exam 2019( Malayalam)

14m 23s

Part 2- Peon Exam 2019(Malayalam)

12m 04s

Part-3 Peon Exam 2019(MALAYALAM)

9m 44s

Part 1-LDC 2014 NCA(Malayalam)

12m 49s

Part 2 - LDC NCA 2014(Malayalam)

11m 14s

Part 1-2017 LDC KLM/TSR/KSD ( Malayalam)

14m 52s

Part 2-2017 LDC KLM/TSR/KSD ( Malayalam)

12m 51s

Part 3-2017 LDC KLM/TSR/KSD ( Malayalam)

8m 47s



506 reviews

suhail Shanu

reviewed on Oct 21, 2018

sir very useful excellent class ellavarkkum upakarappedum valare nannayimanissalavunna reethiyil sir class cheyyunadondu ellavarkkum manassilakum

Shiji Pt

reviewed on Oct 21, 2018

thank you for your great work. ..maths purakottu aavunnunnundo ennoru doubt undaayirunnu...enthayalum ini mathsum ok aavvum..god bless you

Dhannia Sanjeev

reviewed on Oct 21, 2018

Sir nod request cheyanam annu vicharicha course anu sir eppol start cheythathu.Thanks for your great effort.Hats off you Sir

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