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(Malayalam) Constitution Capsules


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Mansoorali Kappungal

The Course explains important Parts, schedules, articles, and amendments of the constitution.


40 lessons • 4 h 44 m
Course Overview(in Malayalam)

2m 17s

Important Schedules and Parts(in Malayalam)

12m 08s

Important Articles- Part 1(in Malayalam)

10m 07s

Important Articles -Part 2 (in Malayalam)

11m 56s

Important Amendments(in Malayalam)

14m 57s

Important Cases in Indian Polity(In Malayalam)

14m 57s

Part 1 - Borrowed Concepts (In Malayalam)

9m 56s

Part 2- Borrowed Concepts(In Malayalam)

10m 44s

National Green Tribunal(In Malayalam)

14m 56s

Part 1-Important Acts In India(In Malayalam)

14m 08s

Part 2- Important Acts In India(In Malayalam)

12m 53s

Part 3 - Important Acts In India(In Malayalam)

13m 25s

The President(In Malayalam)

14m 50s

Veto Powers of President (In Malayalam)

13m 27s

National Food Security Act(In Malayalam)

11m 14s

Constituent assembly ( In Malayalam)

13m 26s

Citizenship and fundamental rights ( in Malayalam)

13m 55s

Directive Principles and fundamental Duties( In Malayalam)

8m 02s

Part 2- Important cases in Indian polity( in Malayalam)

14m 21s

Supreme Court and high court ( in Malayalam)

12m 55s

Parliamentary Terms In India(In Malayalam)

12m 19s

Panchayati Raj committees( in Malayalam)

14m 54s

Preamble of the constitution (in Malayalam)

12m 31s

National Emergency(Malayalam)

10m 52s

State & Financial Emergency (Malayalam)

12m 38s


12m 35s


9m 56s

Parliamentary Committees( Malayalam)

8m 22s

PAC & PUC (Malayalam)

9m 22s

Estimate Committee(Malayalam)

9m 03s

Union List(Malayalam)

8m 04s

State List & concurrent list(Malayalam)

9m 22s

Important Committees ( Malayalam)

9m 31s

Part 1- Additional articles(Malayalam)

14m 24s

Part- 2 Additional Articles (Malayalam)

8m 50s

Part 3- additional articles (Malayalam)

10m 23s


8m 59s

Vice President(Malayalam)

10m 39s

CAG, AG & solicitor General(Malayalam)

14m 29s

Council of ministers and speaker (Malayalam)

10m 49s



339 reviews

🐈Sunil🐈 🐈Kunjumon🐈

reviewed on Jul 1, 2018

this is how we need to study... awesome before examination please do more class from previous question...I purchased a online courses and got cheated. here we are getting for free awesome. thank you for such efforts.

Afsal babu

reviewed on Jun 28, 2018

thank sir class nannayi padikkan pattunnu yallavarayom polle sir..chayithilla ..sir oru profitom illathe nagallkku vayndee sir tte life ill kuray time kallayunnu ...thank sir...


reviewed on Sep 18, 2018

simple.and nice class sir. thank you very much for the classes

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