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40 lessons • 4h 44m

Course Overview(in Malayalam)

2m 17s

Important Schedules and Parts(in Malayalam)

12m 08s

Important Articles- Part 1(in Malayalam)

10m 07s

Important Articles -Part 2 (in Malayalam)

11m 56s

Important Amendments(in Malayalam)

14m 57s

Important Cases in Indian Polity(In Malayalam)

14m 57s

Part 1 - Borrowed Concepts (In Malayalam)

9m 56s

Part 2- Borrowed Concepts(In Malayalam)

10m 44s

National Green Tribunal(In Malayalam)

14m 56s

Part 1-Important Acts In India(In Malayalam)

14m 08s

Part 2- Important Acts In India(In Malayalam)

12m 53s

Part 3 - Important Acts In India(In Malayalam)

13m 25s

The President(In Malayalam)

14m 50s

Veto Powers of President (In Malayalam)

13m 27s

National Food Security Act(In Malayalam)

11m 14s

Constituent assembly ( In Malayalam)

13m 26s

Citizenship and fundamental rights ( in Malayalam)

13m 55s

Directive Principles and fundamental Duties( In Malayalam)

8m 02s

Part 2- Important cases in Indian polity( in Malayalam)

14m 21s

Supreme Court and high court ( in Malayalam)

12m 55s

Parliamentary Terms In India(In Malayalam)

12m 19s

Panchayati Raj committees( in Malayalam)

14m 54s

Preamble of the constitution (in Malayalam)

12m 31s

National Emergency(Malayalam)

10m 52s

State & Financial Emergency (Malayalam)

12m 38s


12m 35s


9m 56s

Parliamentary Committees( Malayalam)

8m 22s

PAC & PUC (Malayalam)

9m 22s

Estimate Committee(Malayalam)

9m 03s

Union List(Malayalam)

8m 04s

State List & concurrent list(Malayalam)

9m 22s

Important Committees ( Malayalam)

9m 31s

Part 1- Additional articles(Malayalam)

14m 24s

Part- 2 Additional Articles (Malayalam)

8m 50s

Part 3- additional articles (Malayalam)

10m 23s


8m 59s

Vice President(Malayalam)

10m 39s

CAG, AG & solicitor General(Malayalam)

14m 29s

Council of ministers and speaker (Malayalam)

10m 49s

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