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43 lessons • 3h 57m

Course Overview (in Malayalam)

4m 26s

Divisible between numbers (in Malayalam)

8m 36s

Simplification (in Malayalam)

8m 10s

Reminder and Divisiblity (in Malayalam)

8m 01s

Smallest number Divisible by any (in Malayalam)

12m 01s

Train and Time (In Malayalam)

11m 16s

Divisible by 11 (in Malayalam)

8m 15s

Divisible by 7& 9 (In Malayalam)

8m 13s

Bell and Intervel ( in Malayalam)

9m 43s

Clock and Bell (in Malayalam)

8m 22s

Work and Time with two persons( in Malayalam)

8m 44s

Work and Time with three persons( in Malayalam)

15m 00s

Divisible between numbers( in Malayalam)

8m 01s

X value Questions( in Malayalam)

8m 17s

Part 1- Calender Basics(Malayalam)

13m 32s

Part 2- Calendar (Malayalam)

14m 15s

Part 3- Calendar (Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part 4 Calendar (Malayalam)

8m 33s

Part 5 calendar( Malayalam)

12m 24s

Part 6 calendar (Malayalam)

10m 01s

Part 1- Unit Digit of a number (Malayalam)

12m 00s

Part 2- unit digit of a number (Malayalam)

11m 02s

Part 3- unit digit of a number (Malayalam)

13m 39s

Calendar Repetition Years(Malayalam)

8m 15s

Lines and raws( Malayalam)

9m 53s

Clock and Mirror(Malayalam)

8m 32s

Clock and angle(Malayalam)

12m 18s

Profit & Loss Basic(Malayalam)

14m 27s

Part 2- Profit and Loss (Malayalam)

15m 00s

Part1- Coding and Decoding(Malayalam)

14m 55s

Part 2-Coding and decoding (Malayalam)

11m 55s

Ratio and Proportion (Malayalam)

10m 53s

Simple interest(Malayalam)

12m 30s

Compound interest (Malayalam)

14m 45s

Part -1Average(Malayalam)

13m 30s

Number of Autos & Bikes(Malayalam)

8m 04s

Number of Cars and Bikes( Malayalam)

9m 01s

Number of Autos & Cars( Malayalam)

8m 40s

LCM Problems ( Malayalam)

14m 59s

HCF Problems (Malayalam)

11m 57s

LCM &HCF Previous Questions( Malayalam)

10m 43s

Ratio & Proportion Practice (Malayalam)

14m 24s


8m 12s

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