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46 lessons • 7h 47m

India - Basic Facts (in Malayalam)

15m 00s

India No.7 (in Malayalam)

13m 06s

River Narmada and Tapti(In Malayalam)

13m 42s

River Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri and Mahanadi(In Malayalam)

12m 24s

Population(In Malayalam)

12m 35s

Density,Sex Ratio,Literacy and Life Expectancy(In Malayalam)

14m 15s

Local Winds In India(Malayalam)

9m 20s

Western Ghats(In Malayalam)

9m 40s

Important Dams & Projects in India(In Malayalam)

13m 06s

Thermal Power Plants(In Malayalam)

8m 49s

Nuclear Power plants(In Malayalam)

9m 37s

Bird Sanctuaries(In Malayalam)

9m 46s

Important Airports (In Malayalam)

8m 51s

Tiger Reserves(In Malayalam)

10m 43s

National Parks(In Malayalam)

10m 56s

Classical &Local Dance Forms(In Malayalm)

8m 03s

Festivals & Classical Languages(In Malayalam)

9m 34s

Joint Military Exercises (In Malayalam)

9m 09s

Important Lakes(In Malayalam)

9m 31s

National Flag(In Malayalam)

9m 53s

Five Year Plans(In Malayalam)

14m 54s

National Anthem & National Song(In Malayalam)

8m 15s

Direct Taxes & Indirect Taxes(In Malayalam)

9m 03s

Important Mines In India(In Malayalam)

8m 10s

Andaman Nicobar Islands(In Malayalam)

10m 10s

Autobiographies of Sports Personalities (In Malayalam)

8m 07s

Goods and Services Tax(In Malayalam)

9m 19s

Latitudes(In Malayalam)

14m 57s

Kudumbashree (Malayalam)

12m 55s

Puducherry and Lakshadweep (In Malayalam)

12m 52s

4 Union Territories(In Malayalam)

11m 30s

Bankingin India(In Malayalam)

10m 44s

RBI & SBI(In Malayalam)

8m 31s

Stock ExchangeIn India (In Malayalam)

8m 15s

Major Ports in India(Malayalam)

15m 00s

Eastern Ghats and Aravalli Mountains(Malayalam)

10m 29s

National symbols (Malayalam)

11m 32s

National Emblem, Language & Calender(Malayalam)

10m 35s

Indian Economy - Basics(Malayalam)

10m 54s

Forest & Environment in India (Malayalam)

10m 43s

Environmental Movements & Acts(Malayalam)

11m 39s

Planning In India(Malayalam)

10m 35s

Iron and Steel Plants in India(Malayalam)

9m 37s

Tributaries At a glance( Malayalam)

8m 10s

River Origins At a Glance(Malayalam)

8m 56s

Railway zones( Malayalam)

14m 53s

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