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Logical Reasoning: Complex Arrangements for CSAT


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Khushboo Kumari

Arrangement questions are one of the most common question type being asked in almost all type of competitive examinations. This course gives an insight into all types of arrangements, from circular sitting arrangement to square, rectangle and rhombus as well.



9 reviews

TAKKAI srinivas

reviewed on Mar 18, 2018

very useful course thank u ma'am must be watched by those who feel csat difficult

manoj nikam b

reviewed on Nov 8, 2017

nice man... all courses are very good .......thanks unacadmy it is very important channel it's help all the students ...thank u mam

Sai Kishore Dupthala

reviewed on Dec 24, 2017

Explained in a such a way that a new learner can also understand, Thank you Mam

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