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Left Wing Extremism in India


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Roman Saini

This course covers everything related to Left Wing Extremism in India. It starts with an Introduction to Internal Security of India. It then goes on to discuss various insurgencies in India. It then covers evolution and ideology of LWE in India. It also discusses the various threats posed by LWE and relationship of development and LWE.



19 reviews

Lekhraj Bairwa

reviewed on Jun 24, 2018

not enough information; start from where left wing nd right wing emerged i.e. cover some part of world history I am unaware about who is left and who is right

Mohammad Dilshad

reviewed on Jul 23, 2018

Sir, Please add a course completion lesson for every awesome course you prepare. Would help the learner to see whether there's anything else to be done. Thank You !

Samadhan Tangde

reviewed on Jun 26, 2018

It is one of the most awaited course on one of the Mains important topic from 1st Teacher of Platform. Course is good which takes us through different aspects of LWE like origin, history, agenda, causes.....etc. Thanks sir

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