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Key News Articles from the Hindu - August , 2018: UPSC CSE


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Shreyaa Sharma

The course helps you quickly skim through the paper and save onto your precious time by highlighting as to what is relevant news and needs to be read by the Aspirants .



8 reviews

Akshay Sharma

reviewed on Aug 18, 2018

Readin,understanding and making notes out of the newspaper is kind of problem for students ...this is an great idea of helping students ,who finds difficult what to read and what not to? at least...And also you provided some information about each and every topic ,mentioned in vedio...Thank you mam

Shubham Singh

reviewed on Aug 6, 2018

Thank you for the course 😊. I am a working professional and starting my preperation. I was worrying about what to read and what not to in the news paper. Please keep updating this.

shabeena khan

reviewed on Aug 6, 2018

hello, mam can you please explain some more about the kailasa temple? Because i think related to this topic they can ask any questions as we know that it is a religious topic. If you make a video on this topic by giving some more details than it will be helpful for us.

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