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(Hindi) Introduction to Verbal Reasoning for SSC CGL


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Anurag Garg

Verbal reasoning is usually a scoring area as it takes only the intellectual ability of the aspirant. This section tests the judgment and other skills pertaining to the presence of mind and the logical ability of the aspirant. The major topics under verbal reasoning are Direction test, Blood Relation, and Repeating Series. By considering the importance of verbal reasoning in SSC CGL Anurag Garg has designed this course where he will be covering up all the three topics. Initially, he provides the basic approach and information which an aspirant should have in solving questions on Direction test, Blood Relation, and Repeating Series. As he proceeds he makes all the aspirants familiar with the moderate level of questions and finally with advanced level questions. After the completion of this course, the aspirants would definitely gain proficiency in cracking questions of any difficulty with ease.

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