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Internal Trade

8m 14s


13m 03s


10m 03s

Differences between Wholesalers and Retailers

7m 07s

Classification of Retail Formats

8m 35s

Types of retail trade

11m 14s

Departmental Stores

9m 28s

Multiple Shops/Chain Stores

9m 28s

Mail Order Retailing

10m 54s

Consumer Cooperative Stores

10m 30s


6m 39s

Vending Machine

14m 14s

Role of Commerce and Industry

5m 26s

Differences between Supermarket and Hypermarket

7m 02s

Internal Trade - Overview

7m 29s

Question & Answers (1)

8m 01s

Question & Answers (2)

14m 40s

Question & Answers (3)

11m 03s

Question & Answers (4)

15m 00s

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