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Indian History: Rise of British in Bengal


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Mudit Gupta

In this course I would present the entry, rise and consolidation of the British East India Company in Bengal. We would see the rise of autonomous state of Bengal, the succession of Nawabs. we would also learn the causes and outcomes of Battle of Plassey and Battle of Buxar. Towards the lend we would learn about the Dual System, introduced by Robert Clive, in Bengal.



10 reviews


reviewed on Jan 16, 2018

good sir I liked it it was much knowledgeable for all the youngstars and civil preparatores

Ab Shyara

reviewed on May 2, 2017

Please cover more topics of modern history. Also please increase volume while delivering lecture take it as suggestion.

Rabbani Sumra

reviewed on Aug 18, 2017

awesome course: content wise, presentation wise. specially narration of logic about consequences. busting of myths like "black hole tragedy"; now i realize how and from where politicians and media learned to propagate fake propaganda...:D

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