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Indian Economy for UPSC CSE: Balance of Payment


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6 reviews

Palak Sharma

This course is about the basic terminologies associated with balance of payments and understanding the associated concepts.



6 reviews

prokash saha

reviewed on Jan 11, 2020

easy to understand concepts..I was looking on Ramesh Singh n not understand the I can make any one to understand this bop seeing ur lecture..

Ayesha Jahan

reviewed on Oct 12, 2019

please make it even simpler for a person who is illiterate in terms of economics. like a lame person who has absolutely no idea what economics is about. once the terms are explained, it would be easier to grasp the concept. because it's not the English that bothers. it's those terms we don't know the meaning of. at least I don't know. it still doesn't go to that level of clarity.

Rahis Khan

reviewed on Mar 10, 2019

very nice to hear your voice.....your courses are very helpful in understanding...THANKS 4 BEING THERE

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