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Indian Constitution - UPSC Political Science Optional


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4 reviews

Sweta Chowdhury

This course provides Political Science optional aspirants with a compact knowledge with regard to the making of the Indian Constitution and its salient features.



4 reviews

Didung tadi

reviewed on Apr 19, 2020

shouldnt make rough on the topics any way voice are clear and tidy with a precious topics are given in a pattern ways which are more easy to understandable. so thank u maam for such a beatiful and usefull knowlege

Ikram Ul Haq

reviewed on Mar 14, 2019

Fabulous Way of teaching Mamm This lictiture series are very helpful for me Thanku Soo much

Kratika Vaishnave

reviewed on Aug 27, 2018

U r fabulous maam 😍😍😍 you teach really in an awesome way like easy to understand easy to learn . Per

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