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Human Reproduction Unit


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Dr Kalpesh J Gadhvi

In this course on human reproduction unit I am going to discuss important topics through the human reproduction unit class 12 biology. This unit has good weightage among Biology questions both in NEET as well as board . so I think it will be great if I make lesson on this chapter that would help you . Main core topics of this series will be based absolutely on NCERT and my main motto is to give more and more information in less time . main topics of this chapter includes: 1 intro about reproductive system 2 gametogenesis 3 menstruation 4 INSEMINATION 5 fertilization 6 gestration period 7 parturition 8 reproductive health problems 9 contraceptive methods 10 medical termination of pregnancy 11 sexually transmitted diseases 12 assisted reproductive technologies etc... so guys I hope you like the series. thank you. Yours Kalpesh gadhvi.

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