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Human Physiology - Circulatory System for govt. exams


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Roman Saini

This course covers all the important topics related to the Circulatory System. It starts with an Introduction to the Circulatory System, covers Blood in detail, parts of the blood, cells inside the blood, Blood Cells - RBCs, WBCs and Platelets. It goes on to cover the Blood Groups - ABO and Rh blood groups, Erythroblastosis Fetalis, Blood Clotting, Lymph and Heart; ECG, Regulation of Cardiac Cycle, Disorders.



21 reviews

Mohammad Shahid

reviewed on Mar 18, 2018

once again rock very nice course by great educator of unacademy

Jeyaprabu Jeyakumar

reviewed on Mar 31, 2018

Hi sir, Please continue doing courses on Basic Medicine. Not only for UPSC preparation, but also for getting basic medical knowledge. I strongly believe that every person has to be aware and well informed about "how the human body function" and how different medication affects it. As a Doctor, you are the best person to do these courses. I don't know whether this message reaches you or not. But definitely if you start doing courses on basic medicine, it will change the peoples life in many positive ways. As far as i know, there are no quality resource to understand basic medicine. Now a days, people are not having enough knowledge about the diseases they have and about the medication they take. Let Roman sir's course revolutionize the Medical world as well. Thank You.

Aniket Hunday

reviewed on Mar 18, 2018

thanks sir u r great master, if possible continue with science and technology concepts, I m eager to join ur course but due to some problems not in a state to join ur course, keep guiding us

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