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33 lessons • 5h 58m

Overview of the Course

7m 23s

1st January 2018 - Editorial: Clinical Trial and Liberation of Goa

9m 30s

1st January 2018 - Editorial: On Another New Year’s Day

12m 33s

2nd January 2018- Editorial: The secular condition

10m 46s

2nd January 2018- Editorial: ethics of excellence & cryptocurrency

7m 39s

3rd January Editorial- Jadhav meeting, fiscal overshoot, NMC bill & Indian Science Congress

14m 49s

4th January Editorial- Genomic revolution & Indo China relations stagnant

12m 09s

4th January Editorial- US Pak relations & Assam NRC

8m 50s

5th January Editorial- Triple talq, Bhima Koregaon issue and global stocks

11m 50s

8th January Editorial- econonomic fragility,anti torture law & triple talaq

9m 20s

9th January Editorial- Asian geopolitics

10m 32s

9th January Editorial- The age of crypto­economics

14m 21s

10th January editorial- Agriculture needs a reforms package

10m 41s

10th January Editorial- Section 377, roadkill & Padmavati

6m 18s

11th January Editorial- The map of rural deprivation

13m 59s

11th January Editorial- national anthem & adultery

7m 33s

12th January Editorial: Israel-Palestine &India

11m 45s

12th January Editorial: FDI reforms, unstable Nepal & Hindi in UN

10m 24s

12th January Editorial: Education reforms

10m 42s

13th January editorial- Judiciary in turmoil

11m 29s

16th Jan- Critical analysis of Aadhar

12m 56s

16 Jan- SOC, Agricultural pricing & SSC turmoil

7m 40s

17th Jan- PDS reform, Indian diaspora in Israel,Jalli kattu, bond yield

14m 44s

18th Jan- SC issue, SriLanka President & RTE

12m 00s

19th Jan- Padmavati, state polls & solar pumps

11m 20s

20th Jan- US Pakistan relations

8m 33s

20th Jan- NMC bill & India- Israel

6m 37s

22nd Jan- American arms & NMC Bill

10m 38s

22nd Jan- Doklam issue & Delhi MLAs

7m 53s

23rd Jan- Getting back on the democratic path

14m 55s

27th Jan- Natural partners in the Asian century

12m 47s

27th Jan- India ASEAN (in Hindi)

12m 16s

24th Jan-Malimath committee, World outlook & Motor vehicle act

13m 11s

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