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110 lessons • 18h 6m
Overview (in Hindi)

7m 26s

Introduction and Basic Concepts (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Capitalist, Socialist, Communist and Mixed Economy (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Washington Consensus & Sectors of economy (in Hindi)

15m 00s

GDP and GNP meaning and difference (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Factor Price and Market cost (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Gross National Happiness (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Indicative and Imperative Planning (in Hindi)

12m 31s

Niti Aayog (in Hindi)

12m 18s

Functions of Niti Ayog (in Hindi)

12m 35s

Economic Reforms 1991 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation (in Hindi)

13m 38s

Inflation - meaning & introduction (in Hindi)

14m 21s

Types of Inflation (in Hindi)

9m 50s

Causes of Inflation (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Important terms related to inflation (in Hindi)

12m 24s

Effects of Inflation (in Hindi)

13m 50s

Inflation - Good or Bad ?

15m 00s

WPI and CPI explained (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Business Cycle (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Boom & Recession : Different levels of economic activities (in Hindi)

13m 16s

Abenomics (in Hindi)

9m 47s

Agriculture and food management (in Hindi)

10m 24s

Food philosophy of India (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Land Reforms (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Why Land Reforms were not successful (in Hindi)

9m 06s

NLRMP and Agriculture Holdings (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Green Revolution (in Hindi)

12m 04s

Impact of GR (in Hindi)

7m 42s

PDS, MSP, Food Subsidy and Security (in Hindi)

15m 00s

APMC Act and Agrimarket (in Hindi)

12m 33s

Farm Mechanisation (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Agriculture Extension Services (in Hindi)

10m 32s

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (in Hindi)

10m 21s

Food Processing Industry (in Hindi)

12m 05s

Industry and infrastructure (in Hindi)

12m 05s

Foreign Investments in India (in Hindi)

10m 50s

MSME sector and Disinvestment (in Hindi)

11m 55s

Sectorial Concerns (in Hindi)

14m 37s

Ease of doing business (in Hindi)

14m 04s

Start-up India (in Hindi)

12m 57s

UDAY scheme and Indian Infrastructure (in Hindi)

13m 55s

Important initiatives to improve connectivity (in Hindi)

12m 48s

Smart Cities (in Hindi)

10m 53s

Public Private Partnership Models (in Hindi)

14m 23s

Service Sector (in Hindi)

13m 36s

Indian Financial market (in Hindi)

13m 12s

Unorganised money market (in Hindi)

8m 25s

Instruments of Organised Money Market (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Mutual Funds (in Hindi)

14m 54s

Capital Market (in Hindi)

8m 55s

Regulatory and Quasi regulatory bodies in India (in Hindi)

8m 33s

Banking in India NBFCs (in Hindi)

10m 22s

RBI and Monetary policy (in Hindi)

15m 00s

CRR and SLR in Detail (in Hindi)

10m 03s

Repo rate (in Hindi)

10m 34s

Call money market and open market operations (in Hindi)

11m 42s

Cooperative banks and non performing assets (in Hindi)

13m 46s

Who is Wilful defaulter ? and Cash Adequacy Ratio (in Hindi)

9m 09s

Basel Accord, High power money and Mudra (in Hindi)

13m 24s

LIC , GIC , AICIL , IRDA Insurance in India (in Hindi)

12m 32s

Global Reinsurance companies and Indian companies with important features (in Hindi)

13m 50s

Security market in India - shares, stocks, bonds, debentures (in Hindi)

10m 23s

A brief account of national level stock exchange (in Hindi)

7m 52s

SEBI powers and functions (in Hindi)

7m 09s

External sector in India (in Hindi)

12m 49s

Fixed and Floating Currency Regime (in Hindi)

8m 01s

How India determines it's exchange rate (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Trade balance, Depreciation, Appreciation and Devaluation (in Hindi)

12m 50s

What is Current account and Capital account (in Hindi)

9m 39s

What is BOP ? - Balance Of Payment (in Hindi)

10m 58s

NEER, REER , EFF and Conditions of IMF (in Hindi)

9m 31s

Difference btw Hard , Soft, Cheap and Dear Currency (in Hindi)

7m 01s

Special Economic Zone (in Hindi)

7m 55s

Risks in foreign currency borrowing (in Hindi)

8m 01s

India's external scenario (in Hindi)

7m 27s

New steps to promote trade (in Hindi)

8m 32s

Exchange rate monitoring (in Hindi)

8m 08s

Regional trade agreements by India (in Hindi)

8m 13s

Approved Exporter System AES (in Hindi)

10m 36s

Important facts about International Monetary System (in Hindi)

7m 57s

What's Supernation Currency (in Hindi)

10m 10s

Important information about World Bank - IBRD, IFC etc. (in Hindi)

11m 50s

International insurance bodies for investors (in Hindi)

7m 34s

Important Facts about Asian Development Bank (in Hindi)

7m 43s

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (in Hindi)

6m 53s

Everything you need to know about World Trade Organisation (in Hindi)

10m 24s

BRICS and New Development Bank (in Hindi)

11m 55s

Tax Structure in India (in Hindi)

11m 00s

Regressive Taxation and Capital Gain Tax (in Hindi)

7m 23s

Developmental and non developmental expenditure of government (in Hindi)

7m 54s

Revenue receipts and Non tax revenue receipts (in Hindi)

7m 26s

What is Revenue Deficit and Capital Budget (in Hindi)

8m 11s

Different types of capital expenditure (in Hindi)

5m 52s

Sustainability and climate change India and the world (in Hindi)

12m 35s

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Difference

4m 41s

Law of demand and exceptions to law of demand (in Hindi)

7m 43s

Factors influencing elasticity of demand (in Hindi)

9m 27s

Theory of firm under perfect competition (in Hindi)

9m 48s

Market equilibrium , demand supply curve and price ceiling explained (in Hindi)

9m 23s

Oligopoly and monopoly explained with examples (in Hindi)

8m 28s

Problems with barter system and types of goods explained in detail

9m 12s

Role and function of Reserve Bank of India RBI

5m 48s

CRR and SLR - relationship between a commercial bank and Central Bank

8m 02s

Repo rate and Reverse repo rate explained through flow charts and diagrams (in Hindi)

6m 37s

Strategy for College Students and Working Professionals

7m 45s

The correct format for Mains answer writing (in Hindi)

6m 09s

Difference between socialism, Communism , capitalism and mixed economy

6m 51s

Food security and its implementation by Indian government

6m 29s

Optional Subjects For Different Background Students

7m 02s

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