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( Hindi)Anatomy Of Flowering Plants For NEET


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Juhi Mishra

Definition of plant anatomy, Tissue & types of plant tissues ( meristematic and permanent type), Types of plant tissue system ( Epidermal,Ground and Vascular type), Anatomy of Root,Stem & Leaves ( Dicot and Monocot type ), Secondary Growth MCQs for practice


50 lessons • 9 h 30 m
Classification of Meristem - 1(In Hindi)

12m 53s

Basic Concepts Of Plant Tissues ( In Hindi )

10m 03s

Classification Of Meristem -2(In Hindi)

10m 02s

Theory Of Apical Meristem-1 (in Hindi)

12m 36s

Theory Of Apical Meristem-2 (in Hindi)

9m 22s

Theory Of Apical Meristem-3 (in Hindi)

11m 13s

Permanent Tissues 1- Parenchyma

14m 39s

Permanent Tissues 3- Sclerenchyma ( Sclereids )

10m 15s

Permanent Tissues 2- Collenchyma

10m 17s

Complex Permanent Tissues 1-Xylem Part 2

9m 38s

Permanent Tissues 3- Sclerenchyma( Fibres)

13m 36s

Complex Permanent Tissues 1- Xylem

14m 13s

Complex Permanent Tissues 2-Phloem part 1

11m 19s

Complex Permanent Tissues 2-Phloem Part 2

14m 09s

Special / Secretory Tissues

14m 44s

The Epidermal Plant Tissue System

14m 34s

The Ground Plant Tissue System

13m 12s

The Vascular Tissue System

12m 36s

Stelar System In Plants

14m 48s

Anatomy Of Dicot Root

10m 38s

Anatomy Of Monocot Root

12m 40s

Anatomy Of Dicot Stem

12m 02s

Anatomy Of Monocot Stem ( Correction)

11m 48s

Anatomy Of Dorsiventral Leaf

8m 13s

Anatomy Of Isobilateral Leaf

12m 15s

Secondary Growth In Dicot Stem

14m 45s

Types Of Woods

14m 20s

Formation Of Annual/Growth Rings

10m 44s

Secondary Growth In Extra Stelar Region Of Plants

11m 50s

Bark & Secondary Growth In Dicot Root

15m 00s

Functions Of Secondary Meristem

10m 34s

Abnormal Activity Of Vascular Cambium

6m 47s

Abnormal Growth In Dicot Stem

11m 16s

Abnormal Growth In Monocot Stem & Waiting Meristem Concept

10m 40s

Important MCQs Part 1

10m 57s

Important MCQs Part 2

9m 34s

Important MCQs Part 2

9m 34s

Important MCQs Part 3

8m 45s

Important MCQs Part 4

8m 23s

Important MCQs Part 5

9m 07s

Important MCQs Part 6

8m 37s

Important MCQs Part 9

10m 07s

Important MCQs Part 7

9m 54s

Important MCQs Part 8

8m 48s

Important MCQs Part 10

9m 54s

Important MCQs Part 11

8m 44s

Important MCQs Part 12

10m 18s

Important MCQs Part 13

12m 35s

Important MCQs on Plant Anatomy - 14

13m 26s

Important MCQs on Plant Anatomy - 15

13m 49s



29 reviews

Somi Shahin

reviewed on Dec 5, 2018

thanks a lot. mam you are amazing teacher of biology. AAP bht achaa samazte ho.mam hmesaa har chapter pe MCQ banao.plzz

Shivam Mishra

reviewed on Sep 1, 2018

as usual you are best in teaching god bless you mam you are awesome

Pushpa Latha

reviewed on Dec 17, 2018

yours in depth analysis of each topic is good and thanks for the comparative study ...😀

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