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11 lessons • 1h 1m

Work Concept (in Hindi)

12m 44s

L-2 Nature of Work Done (in Hindi)

12m 41s

L-3 Numerical Practice and Units of Work (in Hindi)

13m 15s

L-4 Work done by Variable Force (in Hindi)

12m 05s

L-5 Numerical Practice Part-1 (in Hindi)

10m 38s

L-6 Numerical Practice on Work Part-2

14m 12s

L-7 Numerical practice on Work Part-3

14m 44s

L-8 MCQ question practice,Related to work

13m 27s

L-9 MCQ practice on Work, Power & Energy

14m 27s

L-10 MCQ on Work, Power and Energy

11m 17s

L-11 MCQ on Work, Power and Energy

10m 22s

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