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46 lessons • 55m

Overview of the Course( in Hindi )

2m 22s

Question Number 1( in Hindi )

6m 35s

Question number 2(in Hindi )

6m 56s

Question number 3 (in Hindi )

5m 20s

Question number 4( in Hindi )

5m 31s

Refrential integrity Question (in Hindi )

5m 06s

Question number 6 (in Hindi )

3m 53s

Minmax Question June 2019 (in Hindi )

4m 24s

Question number 8 (in Hindi )

5m 33s

Hashing function Question ( in Hindi)

5m 12s

Question number 10( in Hindi )

5m 35s

Question number 11 (in Hindi )

4m 11s

Class B network address NTA UGC NET computer science june 2019( in Hindi )

4m 16s

IPv4 computer networking june 2019 question ( in Hindi )

4m 12s

Conjective normal form june 2019( in Hindi )

4m 13s

Quadruple (in Hindi )

3m 23s

Quadruple (in Hindi )

3m 23s

Operating system questions june 2019( in Hindi )

5m 01s

Number of IP address and their percentage ( in Hindi )

5m 09s

Not shared by thread ( in Hindi )

6m 29s

Shift reduce parser ( in Hindi )

6m 38s

Git ( in Hindi )

7m 05s

Network topology (in Hindi )

8m 06s

Projection related question (in Hindi )

7m 20s

Theory of computation question ( in Hindi )

8m 38s

Mirror reflection (in Hindi )

7m 07s

Implication matching (in Hindi )

6m 51s

Quadruple solution (in Hindi )

7m 34s

Software Engineering questions (in Hindi)

6m 19s

Conjunction and disjunction (in Hindi )

8m 05s

Hamilton graph( in Hindi )

8m 16s

Context switch( in Hindi )

6m 29s

Shortest seek time first policy (in Hindi )

7m 11s

Poset (in Hindi )

7m 42s

Strips in artificial intelligence (in Hindi )

7m 09s

Semaphore (in Hindi)

6m 31s

Boolean functions( in Hindi )

6m 08s

Address lines required (in Hindi)

5m 29s

Page fault( in Hindi )

8m 25s

RSA algorithm (in Hindi )

6m 16s

Microprogrammed control unit (in Hindi )

6m 08s

Microprogrammed control unit (in Hindi )

6m 08s

Data manipulation language( in Hindi )

6m 22s

Encoder and Decoder (in Hindi )

5m 14s

Counter( in Hindi )

6m 10s

Size of address bus of processor( in Hindi)

6m 12s

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