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(Hindi) Trigonometry Moderate - High Level : SSC CGL Aspirants


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Devendra Vmentor

This course will cover all the tricks/advanced approaches to master Trigonometry. This course is designed and presented by Devendra Meena (VMentor) who is an expert of Quantitative Aptitude. In this course, Devendra will explain all the possible tricks/advanced methods to solve any Trigonometry problem. The aspirants watching this course would understand all the concepts of Trigonometry clearly and learn all the tricks/advanced methods to save time during exams and score higher marks.



3 reviews

Om Shiv

reviewed on Jun 20, 2018

great work sir, sir data interpretation and mensuration kae chapters pe vi video bna dijiyae please

Ali Shadaab

reviewed on May 18, 2018

from basic to advance one of the best trigo course thnx sir for this hard work

Devendra Shekhawat

reviewed on May 19, 2018

this course is very helpful....your notes are also helpful..... thanks a lot...