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(Hindi) Tricks for Inorganic and Organic Chemistry


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Anirudh Walia

In this course, the educator discusses the various inorganic tricks and organic concepts. The course will be beneficial for Pre-Medical Exams.



25 reviews

Saburi Nandkishor Polshettiwar

reviewed on Jul 18, 2018

Thanks unacademy It is very useful and superb ,I teach lot of things from it. I think this is best learning app and again thank you so much for it. You are best chemistry tutour till now for me.

Ahan Singh

reviewed on Sep 2, 2018

its so damn good. thank you walia sir, you really took off the inorganic burden from me!

Hajra khatoon

reviewed on Jul 25, 2018

thank you so much sir , really this tricks are mind blowing .

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