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24 lessons • 3h 54m

Review of Quadratic Equation Lesson: 1 (in Hindi)

9m 54s

Introduction of Complex Numbers Lesson: 2 (in Hindi)

9m 51s

Applications Of Complex Numbers In Quadratic Equation Lesson: 3 (In Hindi)

9m 25s

Nature of Roots I Lesson: 4 (In Hindi)

9m 22s

Nature of Roots II Lesson: 5 (In Hindi)

9m 29s

Relation Between Roots And Co-efficients For Quadratic Equation I Lesson: 6 (In Hindi)

9m 37s

Relation Between Roots and Coefficients for Quadratic Equation II Lesson: 7 (In Hindi)

9m 35s

Relation Between Roots and Coefficients for Cubic Polynomial I Lesson: 8 (In Hindi)

10m 22s

Problems On Cubic Equations Lesson: 9 (In Hindi)

9m 18s

Graph of Quadratic Polynomials I Lesson: 10 (In Hindi)

9m 39s

Graph of Quadratic Polynomial II Lesson: 11 (In Hindi)

9m 52s

Range of Quadratic Expressions Lesson: 12 (In Hindi)

9m 24s

Range Of Quadratic Expression In Constrained Domain Lesson: 13 (In Hindi)

9m 12s

Advanced Problems on Range Lesson: 14 (In Hindi)

9m 29s

Common Roots Lesson: 15 (In Hindi)

9m 16s

Location of Roots 1 Lesson: 16 (In Hindi)

9m 36s

Location of Roots II Lesson: 17 (In Hindi)

9m 58s

Advanced Problems on LOR Lesson: 17 (In Hindi)

10m 02s

Problems with Discussion in Quadratic Equations Lesson: 19 (In Hindi)

10m 18s

Single Choice Correct Questions I Lesson: 20 (In Hindi)

9m 21s

Previous Year Problems SCQ II Lesson: 21 (In Hindi)

10m 44s

Previous Year Problems SCQ III Lesson: 22 (In Hindi)

9m 23s

Previous year SCQ IV Lesson: 23 (In Hindi)

10m 32s

JEE Advanced Problems Previous Year Lesson: 24 (In Hindi)

10m 29s

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