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13 lessons • 2h 6m

Overview Lecture Based On Business Environment

1m 24s

Concepts Of Business Environment(In Hindi)

12m 07s

Significance Of Study Of The Business Environment(In Hindi)

13m 11s

Types Of Business Environment(In Hindi)

12m 57s

Types Of Environment(In Hindi)

12m 55s

Types Of Environment:-Micro Environment

12m 33s

Economic Reforms In India(In Hindi)

10m 21s

Features Of Economic Reforms(In Hindi)

8m 39s

Concept Of Privatisation(In Hindi)

10m 22s

Concept Of Globalisation(In Hindi

13m 05s

Economic Planning Or Planning Commission(In Hindi)

10m 09s

Five Years Plans(In Hindi)

6m 45s

Niti Ayog (In Hindi)

1m 47s

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