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(Hindi) The Hindu Editorial Times Daily Analysis - June 2018


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Neetu Rani

This course will show you a major impact regarding current affairs with respective vocabulary in Hindi.


27 lessons • 5 h 57 m
Course Overview (in Hindi)

5m 31s

1st June : Settling Disputes Out Of Court (in Hindi)

14m 50s

2nd June : 1) The Democracy Project In Bangladesh 2) Populist in Rome (in Hindi)

12m 44s

3rd June : Fuel Fractions (in Hindi)

15m 00s

4th June : Fire Without Smoke (in Hindi)

14m 55s

5th June : 1) Be an environmental world power 2) Farm Friction (in Hindi)

14m 31s

6th June : 1) A Faliure of Governance 2) Life in Plastic (in Hindi)

15m 00s

7th June : 1) No Longer Seeing Eye To Eye ?? 2) Per - Empetive Strike (in Hindi)

14m 29s

8th june : Is The Indian Economy on an Upswings Now?

15m 00s

9th June :An Unexceptional Economic Performance (in Hindi)

12m 18s

NEET Nostrum (in Hindi)

14m 56s

11th June : No Easy Solutions (in Hindi)

14m 32s

12th June :1) AI Garage? 2) India Re- defines it's Regional Roles (in Hindi)

14m 57s

13th June : 1) A Plastic Charter 2) Historic Handshake (in Hindi)

14m 46s

14th June : 1) Green Ambitions 2) A Missing Tiers (in Hindi)

15m 00s

15th June : Sweet Nothing (in Hindi)

12m 38s

16th June : Act of Intimidation (in Hindi)

13m 54s

Parched Or Polluted (in Hindi)

11m 57s

18th June : Change in Mexico ? (in Hindi)

10m 23s

19th June : 1) Heart Of The Matters 2) Power Crisis (in Hindi)

15m 00s

20th June : Less Work , More Action (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Beating Plastic Pollution (in Hindi)

13m 16s

22nd June : Making Children Happy (in Hindi)

10m 40s

23rd June : Wages of Vigilantism (in Hindi)

12m 50s

24th June : All In The Name (in Hindi)

9m 19s

25th June : For Nutrition Security (in Hindi)

12m 39s

26th June : An Unequal Platter (in Hindi)

10m 58s