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(Hindi) Teachathon July 2017 - Events that Changed India Forever


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17 reviews

Rahul Agrawal

Many a time such events occur that have the potential to change the entire course of a country (its polity, its economy, its Constitution) In this course, you will be studying about such events that Changed India Forever.



17 reviews

Mudit Gupta

reviewed on Aug 4, 2017

Events that changed India forever. A course that would change the way of learning forever !! Amazing work Rahul !

Dr Akanksha Gupta

reviewed on Aug 4, 2017

Wow..this is what i call a course. Great thinking and awesome presentation skills. Thanx a lot Unacademy and rahul sir

Priyanka Batra

reviewed on Aug 9, 2017

This is called the perfection.... You have always been my favorite educator..... :)

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