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62 lessons • 7h 28m
Introduction (in Hindi)

4m 08s

Chapter 1 - Sources for the History of Modern India (in Hindi)

13m 07s

Chapter 2 - Major Approaches to History of Modern India (in Hindi)

12m 32s

Chapter 3 part 1 - Advent of Europeans in India (in Hindi)

14m 55s

Chapter 3 part 2 - Discovery of new Sea Routes by Portuguese (in Hindi)

10m 20s

From Trading to Ruling : Vasco Da Gama (in Hindi)

10m 46s

Alfonso de Albuquerque Portuguese Governor in India

10m 43s

Nino Da Cunha's Governorship and favourable conditions for them

10m 03s

Portuguese lose favour with the Mughals. (In Hindi)

8m 44s

Capture of Hooghly and significance of Portuguese in India

10m 48s

Causes of English success and French failure

8m 50s

Strategy, planning and organisation of English East India company

9m 13s

Chapter 4 - India on the eve of British conquest (in Hindi)

9m 53s

Why Panipat is the favourite battlefield of many Empires ? Chapter 4 part 2

9m 13s

The week rulers after Aurangzeb - internal challenge (in Hindi) Chapter 4 part 3

9m 35s

The legal end to the Mughal Empire by Queen Victoria

9m 43s

Main factors causing the downfall of the Mughals

8m 38s

Factors which contributed to the downfall of the Mughal Empiren (in Hindi)

9m 18s

Rise of Regional states during Mughal Empire - Chapter 4 part E

10m 09s

Sikhs, Jats, Rajput and Marathas During Mughal Era (in Hindi)

11m 02s

Causes of Mughal's downfall in a nutshell (in Hindi)

11m 50s

Nature of limitations of Regional kingdoms (in Hindi)

10m 40s

Socio economic condition of India in 18th Century

11m 25s

Position of women in society and menace of slavery in India

11m 28s

The British imperial history (in Hindi) Chapter 5 part 1

11m 58s

Most important causes of British success in India (in Hindi)

9m 33s

British conquest of Bengal and rule of Alivardi Khan in detail

10m 56s

The Challenges before Siraj ud Daula - nawab of Bengal (in Hindi)

9m 14s

Battle of Plassey between Nawab of Bengal and Robert Clive - a conspiracy

9m 02s

Significance of the Battle of Plassey, Mir Qasim and treaty of 1760 with Britishers (in Hindi)

10m 01s

The background of Battle of Buxar 1764 and why it happened? (In Hindi)

8m 36s

The Treaty of Allahabad - which changed the History of India (in Hindi)

8m 43s

Dual system of Government in Bengal established by East India Company (in Hindi)

10m 13s

Mysore resistance to the company and rise of Hyder Ali (in Hindi)

8m 53s

First and Second Anglo - Mysore War and Death of Haider Ali (in Hindi)

14m 09s

Tipu Suptan , Fourth Anglo - Mysore War and Treaty of Srirangapatnam (in Hindi)

11m 22s

Anglo - Marathas struggle for supremacy (in Hind)

10m 31s

First Anglo Maratha war and important treaties signed between English and Maratha chiefs (in Hindi)

9m 27s

Treaty of Salbai and the background of Second Anglo Maratha war (in Hindi)

11m 37s

The main difference btw Subsidiary Alliance and Doctrine of lapse (in Hindi)

8m 50s

Background of Third Anglo Maratha War (in Hindi)

12m 12s

End of Third Anglo maratha war, What was the reason of Maratha failure (in Hindi)

12m 46s

Conquest of Sindh and rise of Amirs in Sindh

12m 52s

How Sindh was turned into protectorate of Britishers (in Hindi)

11m 40s

Capitulation of Sindh and removal of Amirs (in Hindi)

9m 30s

Consolidation of Punjab under Sikhs, Sukrachakiya Misl (in Hindi)

10m 26s

Punjab after Ranjit Singh's Death (in Hindi)

11m 10s

The First Anglo Sikh war and the Treaty of Lahore (in Hindi)

11m 55s

Second Anglo Sikh War and British paramountcy (in Hindi)

9m 24s

The policy of Ring - Fence by Warren Hasting (in Hindi)

13m 02s

Stages of application of Subsidiary alliance and Doctrine of lapse (in Hindi)

9m 40s

Relations of British India with Neighbouring Countries - Nepal, Burma, Bhutan

8m 39s

Three Anglo Burma war and the independence of Burma (in Hindi)

8m 36s

Anglo Tibetan relations and forward policy of Auckland (in Hindi)

7m 28s

Dost Muhammad and Result of first Anglo Afghan war (in Hindi)

8m 41s

Chapter 6, Part- 1- People's resistance against colonial rule before 1857

10m 33s

Chapter 6 part 2, Causative Factors for people's uprising and civil uprising

8m 23s

Chapter 6 Part-3, Zamindai Problem/ Sanyasi or Fakir Revolt (in Hindi)

8m 17s

Chapter 6 part 4, Revolt of Moamarias and Vijianagram

10m 33s

Chapter 6 part 5, Revolt of Dhundia in Bednur (in Hindi)

6m 07s

Chapter 6 Part-6, Civil rebellion in Awadh 1799 (in Hindi)

9m 49s

Difference between Revolt, movement, revolution and reform

7m 15s

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